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Keisha Rogers

Board Member

When you ask Keisha Rogers what her motivation is for being in the home loan business, her love of family immediately surfaces. “There is something special about being able to help people finance the place they call home and watch families grow for years to come” she says. With an extensive background and years of experience in the finance industry, Keisha says she honestly “geeks out when crunching numbers” and “simply loves lending.” She considers herself a very detail-oriented and social individual, and her reputation would agree. Keisha has helped hundreds of families with everything from finance their first home, refinancing, and going on to buy their new or second homes. She is known for her ability to create enjoyable, smooth, and transparent experiences for everyone she works alongside. Growing up in rural New Mexico, her fondness for our state, land, and culture further strengthens her passion for helping those who call it their home. Keisha’s greatest appreciation is time with her husband and four kids, riding their horses, staying active outdoors, camping, fishing, and sharing a cold beer with friends. Keisha is the right choice for your family and all your mortgage needs!

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